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The #1 podcast to learn English with true stories

Learn English & Get Inspired

Into the Story is a podcast to improve your English with true Life-Changing stories that might help you get where you want to go in life.

Into the Story podcast learn english just listening.

Easy & Entertaining

Enjoy the stories while you do something else

Get inspired with different people's true stories

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Improve your listening while learning new vocabulary & expressions

Get used to different English accents

Scientifically-proven method

Several studies show that learning through audio-stories lights up multiple parts of the brain, improving imagination, and making connections that unlocks the power of learning a language.

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Into the Story will blow your mind

Our subscribers say


I don’t have any time to take English lessons but thanks to Into the Story I’m improving my English just listening on the way to work. Thank you!

Marta Castells, Barcelona, Spain.

I simply love so much to listen to the stories. I don’t understand everything at first but I play the episodes sometimes five times and I learn new expressions every time. 

Liu Yang, San Diego, USA.

Thanks to Into the Story podcast I’m back to learning English. I have an upper-intermediate level.

Andy Torres, México dC.
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